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Personal Trainer

Elaina Long


Managing Director and Owner

I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years and have seen many changes to how and why people train and get fit. I also realised that everyone is unique in HOW they respond to training, exercise and nutrition. There is also the WHY? as everyone has a reason to get fit whether it's for appearance, health, rehabilitation from injury, stress relief or to be an aspiring athlete. This is my motivation for setting up Coach House-Fitness. A designated exercise system to help you achieve your best body and health for your lifestyle.

My Story is - I grew up in a sporty and artistic family and from a young age I was introduced to rigorous training, discipline and long hours to achieve perfection in sports such as ballet, gymnastics, swimming, rowing and triathlon. I grew to learn how hard work and dedication can become enjoyable and self-fulfilling with many rewards. In order to achieve optimum performance from my body, I needed to add proper nutrition, relaxation and recovery strategies to my daily routine. I learnt from my mistakes too, from fad diets to overtraining.  This became the driving force for me to be a part of the fitness community and help people on their journey to wellness, fitness and health.

Certified level 3 Personal Trainer and Sivananda Yoga Instructor.

Achievements: Qualified and competed in the Age Group ITU World Triathlon Championships -Hamburg 2007

Vancouver 2008

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     Coach House Fitness is about training people with individual needs and goals, based on a detailed analysis of cardiovascular fitness, strength, posture, flexibility, diet and lifestyle. I do not aim to cure any diseases or injuries but I will give you the right tools and information to jump-start your journey to health and fitness. I will discourage get fit quick protocols and encourage long term life-changing techniques to help you reach achievable goals along the way.

    Once I have determined your short term goals, an exercise programme will be designed especially for you. As your personal trainer, I will aim to keep you learning and progressing. I offer a home training service, or use of my fully equipped, private gym.

    I offer advice on optimising your weekly workouts to allow for a work/ life balance including a holistic and healthy approach to training including nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular training, stretching for performance and posture as well as reducing stress through  Yoga. I can tailor the package around you and your goals whether it's fat loss sports specific or staying mobile. If you are interested in booking a consultation then please                            and I will be happy to help.  Here is  a copy of my                

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