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5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer.

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Online training has boomed since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and with all its benefits do we really need to have the physical presence of a Personal Trainer? Now that gyms are up and running again, it may be time to consider hiring a Personal Trainer and even if you are not a member of a gym, having a trainer come to your home or meet you in a public space or personal training studio is still of great benefit and more important now than ever and here are my five top reasons why.

  1. Safety- There are more and more cases of people with "Long Covid" and various health conditions therefore it is imperative to seek advice from a personal trainer and get screened properly in order to find out if you need certain tests from your GP before starting or re-starting your fitness journey. The safety aspect continues with a personal trainer too as they should adapt your programme to suit your current state of health and heart rate variability on the day of your training session. For example, some trainers or pre-recorded online training will make you do to an exercise programme they have planned regardless of how well you've slept, have any new injuries or perhaps are suffering from high-stress levels. This is not good client care and could be dangerous. Likewise, during a virtual training session, the trainer will not be able to see your immediate form from all angles without breaking the flow of the exercise.

  2. Adaptability- as I have mentioned above it is important to adapt exercises depending on how you are performing or your state when you show up. A Personal Trainer can adjust the load, type of exercise and professionally know when to push and when to hold you back (from overdoing it) at the right stages of your programme. It is a known fact that many people will drop out of their exercise programme after 4-6 weeks because of misjudging the right exercise dose per session. It's knowing how to make you feel great rather than being over-exhausted, burnt out or simply not doing enough to gain benefit.

  3. Patience and Discipline- Unless you are an athlete who will generally understand the concept of delayed gratification and the process of working towards a goal, it is hard for most people who have never experienced success through exercise to imagine how it feels to be fit, healthy and performing at your best. Even if you were at this point in your life, having the discipline and patience to achieve this again can be difficult so a Personal trainer can motivate you to keep going and focus on the end goal in a safe and effective way. In the long run, a trainer will actually get you to your goal quicker because your adherence level will be higher which brings me to the next reason.

  4. Injury Prevention- Burnout is not the only reason for dropping out of an exercise routine but also injury. There are many ways to get fit but unless you are taught how to exercise with correct form and make the right adjustments to your posture, alignment and technique you could be setting yourself up for an injury. With this in mind, a personal trainer will keep you moving forwards, progressing and hopefully prevent any injuries during the training session. Consistency is the key to success!

  5. Balance, lifestyle and nutrition- Last but not least my fifth reason for hiring a personal trainer involves the bigger picture. A good Personal trainer will factor in your work-life balance, nutrition and any other variables to help you build a healthier and better you. Unless you are an aspiring athlete, the Balance aspect of the programme is vital to becoming fitter and healthier with longevity in mind. Of course, there is no point in just spending three hours a week with a trainer and the rest of your waking hours sitting down or eating unhealthily. Therefore committing to a lifestyle change and building on your routine step by step is how I would encourage you to change your life for the better and successfully reach your goals and beyond!

I hope my top 5 reasons for hiring a Personal trainer has helped you reconsider and think more seriously about seeking help with your health and fitness. We all know what we should be doing but having someone you can trust to motivate you when the going gets tough, to guide you every step of the way physically, mentally and emotionally and to congratulate you on your achievements and wins can be the momentum to succeed in every aspect of your life and well worth it!

To discuss any of the above or book a consultation, please feel free to email Elaina Long

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