How to Exercise Safely During the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic.

Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, the population saw a shift in how we exercise and some might say a change for the better. People had to stop exercising in gyms and had to find other ways to keep fit. As a result many were getting more fresh air and experiencing their daily exercise outdoors and perhaps trying a new sport or activity or revisited one they haven't done for years. This can have a rejuvenating affect on the mind and body. However the benefits of strength training perhaps had the most impact on us as Personal trainers and class Instructors moved their skills to online services where the ability to monitor someone's technique and health status during the exercise proved difficult.

Today we can benefit from our Personal Trainers and class Instructors again but there are different challenges to face. Many of us have experienced symptoms of Covid-19, whether severe or mild. The body has had to deal with a battle against fatigue, the unfamiliar loss of taste or smell and perhaps the the frightening experience of struggling to breath in hospital. How do we bounce back from this and regain our health fitness?