Overcome Stress with Yoga Breathing Techniques.

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

In todays fast paced society, your probably familiar with your heart pounding at the overwhelming amount of tasks to juggle and cope with, for example meeting deadlines for work projects, kids homework, bills to pay, places to be on time whist having to fight through the traffic....all stressors which we can encounter on a daily basis. To counter balance this we rush to the gym in a hope to relieve this stress, when in fact, exercise itself is a stressor and can lead to over loading an already stressed body and mind...sound familiar? So if you are a high achiever and/ or are busy trying to support a family and feel you are putting on weight around your middle, you probably have high cortisol levels, which is a hormone activated in stressful situations to enable a flight or fight response. With high Cortisol, a vicious circle of insomnia/sleep deprivation leading to fatigue and low motivation; leading to inactivity, over eating and weight gain which can lead chronic diseases, illness and depression. Cortisol also inhibits the immune system to function properly which is why many people get ill after their first week in the gym. In order to adjust the work life balance properly and allow the body to start working in harmony again, there are many adjustments which can be made and places to start.

Breathing is one thing we have to do to stay alive but many may not be doing properly and effectively. By simply using breathing techniques which can be done anywhere and in any situation, it could help you to control your reaction to stress, lower cortisol and enable you to cope more effectively and productively with your busy lifestyle. There are a number of breathing techniques used in times of stress and anxiety and some are even being taught to children in schools. The most simple method and the first most imp